Your research process is ready to evolve.

Dig deeper. Widen your horizon. Connect the dots. Collaborate. Drive decisions with data.

Modern research challenges


Information Overload

10 million+ pages of data, thousands of investible stocks, data coming from thousands of sources


Disorganised Data

Finding the data hidden in plain sight, from millions of filings, documents, websites, etc file types and formats


Non linear relationships

Understanding how companies and people are connected is not easy, especially at a higher order

..require Modern Solutions

Widen your horizon

Unify all your data sources together on one platform across your research spectrum

Leverage AI

Romulus reads thousands of documents per minute, so you can find what’s relevant for you

Be more efficient

Manage all your documents, research, reading, notes in one place

Connect the dots

Discover connections between different entities, people, auditors, etc.